Become an Advocate

If you have the aptitude to recommend us to others you can earn a regular income by becoming an advocate for us.

Advocates are rewarded for each person they recommend to us who goes on to subscribe.  The subscribers recruited by the advocate are known as level 1 subscribers.  If those new subscribers (level 1 subscribers) register to become advocates and then recruit subscribers, they are known as level 2 subscribers.  The advocates are rewarded for level 1 subscriptions, level 2 subscriptions and level 3 subscriptions.

Our aim in is to help people by giving them a positive daily message, so our motivation is to serve rather than make money.  To be a successful advocate it is important that you share our priorities.  That said, if you share our passion, are energetic and are good at persuading people you could earn a substantial monthly income in just a few months.


For each level 1 subscription an advocate will receive 15% of the monthly subscription charge (currently £6.00 so 15% is 90p).  For a level 2 subscription the commission is 10% (60p) and for a level 3 subscription the commission is 5% (30p).

To give an idea of how it works we have prepared a couple of scenarios.

Example 1:  An advocate recruits two people a month and each new recruit also recruits two new people a month.  After just twelve months the advocate is earning a monthly income of over £300 per month.

Example 2:  An advocate recruits one person a week and each new recruit also recruits one person a week.  So this is double the rate of example 1.  After just twelve months the advocate is earning a monthly income of over £2,600 per month.

The above examples are illustrative only and certainly not targets.  It just shows what can be achieved by a successful advocate.

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