Lots of web stuff is free these days. Why do you charge?

There are two reasons why we charge a small monthly fee for our service.  The first is that often when something is free it is not valued.  To benefit from the daily messages you first have to value them.  If you take the messages to heart the value to you will far exceed the modest monthly cost!  The second is that running this service and preparing the messages all takes time and resources.  It has to be paid for and we would prefer to charge a fee than sell advertising.

Is all this ‘power of words’ approach ‘new age’ or wishful thinking?

No.  Absolutely not.  We get none of our inspiration from new age, positive or wishful thinking.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time or is there a minimum period?

You can cancel your subscription at any time.  You do this by simply instructing your bank to stop payments or you can do it yourself if you have internet banking.  It is helpful if you can let us know that you are cancelling your subscription and the reason why, but again this is not mandatory.

Can I pay someone else’s subscription as a gift?

Yes of course.  You just need to give their details on the subscription questionnaire and then set up the payment from your own account.  Please let the person who is receiving the messages know they are coming otherwise they may get directed to their ‘junk’ folder.

My messages keep on going to the junk folder. How do I stop this?

This depends on what program you have for your emails.  Basically you need to ensure encouraging-words.org is on your ‘allowed’ list.  Once you have done this, the messages will come direct to your inbox.

Can I forward these messages to a friend, as I know they would really value them?

You are not permitted to copy or forward messages to someone else.  The copyright expressly forbids this.  Far better to encourage them to subscribe so they can receive their own messages.  Remember they have the opportunity to try for a month for free before they need to sign up.