Our Charities

At Encouraging-words.org our main focus is on helping others.  This includes donating a proportion of the subscription income to charities.  So when you subscribe you also join us in helping our nominated charities.

We donate 25% of our surplus to charities.

At the moment we have two charities we support and as we grow we hope to include more.  One of the criteria we used to select our charities was that their main aim was to help children from difficult backgrounds achieve their full potential.  If you have a favourite charity that has the same aim, please let us know by emailing us at feedback@encouraging-words.org.  We are not promising anything but we will consider all suggestions.


NOTDEC UK is a charity which works with NOTDEC in Uganda to provide a better life for orphan children.

The orphanage has 95 children, all of whom are sponsored by people in the UK, Germany, America and New Zealand. Many of the children have lost their mothers during childbirth or from illnesses such as HIV/AIDS. Other children come from situations where the family is just not able to look after them.

Visit NOTDEC’s website.


World Vision brings real hope to children in some of the world’s hardest places. They work with governments, local authorities, community groups and individuals to bring lasting change to the lives of millions of children. In whatever they do, they place a special emphasis on ensuring the needs and rights of children are met, because they are often the hardest hit by conflict, disaster and chronic poverty.

Sponsorship of children funds vital community based projects that make a big difference to children, such as:

  • Child protection
  • Food security
  • Clean, safe water
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • HIV and AIDS

Visit World Vision’s website.