We love to hear how people are discovering in their own lives the power of positive and uplifting words.

Here is a small selection of people who have seen it work in their own lives.

“I have been hugely encouraged by the whole ethos of ‘encouraging words.org’ – the power of affirming words received regularly is enormous – an excellent way to start my day on a positive note. This service could transform the way thousands of people commence their day, bringing a positive sentiment to work places, homes or even the tube journey!”

R M, Solihull

“Positive and encouraging words has introduced me to some new ideas and ways of thinking about myself, other people and life. When I look at things differently and more positively my own words and actions can be different and more positive towards situations and other people.”

CM, Northumberland

"I would recommend encouraging-words.org to anyone, particularly if they suffer from depression, or find it difficult to receive words of affirmation. These words are living, and over time have rooted in a way I couldn't have imagined.”

FC, Loughborough

"Encouraging-words.org provides honest, real and down to earth truths, with practical applications, which brings daily focus and helps you walk more in hope and joy each and every day."

LT, Sidcup

“Encouraging-words.org is such a great resource. I'ts so good to find an accessible, easy place to hear and recieve truth. Starting the day postively makes such a difference and to those around me too!”

LM, Glastonbury

"I love encouraging-words.org.  Each message is deceptively simple but cumulatively they are very powerful.  It has changed the way I think."

MJ, Fife

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